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365 Day Nasal Aspirator Guarantee

We are so confident that when you receive your Infant Nasal Aspirators they will be exactly the size and quality that you were expecting that we are offering an AMAZING 365 day money back guarantee!
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There has been research showing that over time, latex can leach carcinogens. Studies have also shown that infants under 1 year can have an allergy to latex. That's why Dr. Nasal Aspirators baby aspirators are Latex Free.

There is nothing worse then having your two month old baby get a nasty cold. Not only is it scary but it's so sad to see them all stuffed up. That's why I always keep an infant nasal aspirator around the house. Read More...

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Since babies are too young to blow their own noses, a nasal aspirator is the most effective way to get rid of the mucus in an infants nose. Mucus build up can make it very hard for your baby to breathe at night, causing loss of sleep for your baby--and you.

Baby aspirators are a tool that can relieve the congestion. By inserting the skinny end of the sucker into the baby's nose and suctioning out the mucus, you can clear out your baby's nasal passageways entirely. When this is done thoroughly and often, many of the negative effects of the cold or allergies can be avoided.

Every parent should have an Infant nasal aspirator in his or her bathroom, bedroom and diaper bag--if not all three. These tools are so small you can put them anywhere. Not having a quality nasal aspirator doesn't have to be the reason you're not getting any sleep this cold season thanks to Dr Nasal Aspirators!